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Cyclocross wheels: here are the Miura TS37 Evo Disc

Cyclocross tracks can challenge even the most expert riders: sand and mud meet climbs, descents and obstacles that must be tackled with agility. To always be at the top of the rankings, you will need a pair of wheels that can match your accelerations, fundamental for your victory. Find out why Miura TS37 Evo Disc could be the right product for you.


Miura TS37 Evo Disc: the ideal technical choice for cyclocross.

The research and development department at Ursus has developed the Miura TS37 Evo Disc keeping in mind the experience of the best Italian crossers throughout various years of use. To satisfy their needs, we have tried first of all to obtain a balance between lightness (always important when it comes to competition rims), rigidity and rim reliability, built in single-piece UD carbon for tubular tires. Today, this product is recognized in the cyclocross community as a true authority.


A perfect wheel for sprints on muddy terrain

Rigidity is fundamental in order to offer the best possible performance on a bike. This is true in cyclocross too; wheels must be able to be one with the bike system, offering the right stability to prevent loss of pedaling power while tackling different portions of the track. Thanks to its hub with thru axle, with the Miura TS37 Evo disc you can experience remarkable reactivity and maneuverability, especially in curves, while other models cannot withstand as much lateral stress.

The full-carbon rims on our wheels have a 37 mm profile, a size which finds its correct application in cyclocross. The wheel must be sufficiently thick in order to not get stuck in the mud on more complicated tracks, while maintaining excellent steerability.

Even when picking up speed, the Miura TS37 Evo Disc behaves rather well, reducing the energy dispersion between pedal and hub to a minimum. For the rider, all this translates into the ability to maintain the explosive potency gained during the race, thus securing precious seconds towards the final score. After jumping an obstacle, or when getting back on the bike after a foot race segment of the circuit: this is when you’ll truly feel the smoothness of Ursus wheels.


The Ursus hub: the technological heart of the Miura TS37 Evo Disc

The absolute high quality of the hub is the true secret for the success of this Ursus model. After years of constant tests and development, our hubs have reached a level of construction precision that truly makes a difference. Only by trying them can an expert cyclo-crosser feel the complete absence of backlash between the components, made possible by the numerically controlled production, making tolerance between the single parts infinitesimal.

Miura TS37 Evo Disc hubs are compatible with disc brakes, a true standard for cyclocross. Even before racing bikes, this solution was used in this discipline to prevent rain and mud from reducing braking efficacy.


Miura TS37 Evo Disc, setting and maintenance

Do you want your wheels to perform at their best potential? Learn more about them by reading this article:



Cyclocross wheels: here are the Miura TS37 Evo Disc. This model is recommended by the best Italian crossers in terms of performance and reliability. Do you want to find out more about this pair of wheels? 



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