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How to clean your triathlon bike

Why does your bike need to always be clean? Because cleanliness is the first step to good maintenance. Washing your triathlon bike is fundamental for every triathlete, so your bike can always be ready to use up its maximum potential.


Perfect aerodynamics

What separates a triathlon bike from a road bike is, above all, aerodynamics. A triathlon bike is definitely most similar to a time trial bike rather than a classic racing bike. In fact, using triathlon bikes on classic road tracks is neither easy nor recommended, especially when it comes to climbs. Triathlon bikes are designed to maximize speed on virtually flat tracks. The bike legs in triathlon races are basically time trials, fast-paced races where the athlete is mostly competing with him or herself. For this reason, the aerodynamic aspect is vital in all triathlon bikes and it must be preserved, first and foremost with constant and efficient maintenance.


Always 100%

Cleaning your triahtlon bike is a moment that is not only important, but fundamental for its good functioning. Frequent washing, correct lubrication and regular maintenance will make sure that your bike is always performing at its best. Let’s discover how to keep your triathlon bike clean.


How to clean your triathlon bike

Keeping your bike clean is not just for aesthetics… but it is true that looks matter too. It is unquestionable that the true aficionados of this sport, those who really care about their bike, are often busy cleaning and washing their bike. But it is important to note that the procedure must be done correctly and with adequate care. Here are the phases to follow.

Preliminary wash

First of all, remove the wheels and rinse your bike with water, to remove any superficial dirt. Important: do not use high-pressure jets and avoid water that is too hot.


Now, the time has come for degreasing; for this procedure, you can use a degreasing spray, readily available in shops, which you will use on the frame, on the gears, on the chain and on all the other components of your bike. Avoid common supermarket household hygiene products as they are too aggressive for your bike. Spray a small amount of degreaser on a rag and wipe the areas which need degreasing. In case of any hard-to-remove dirt, use a sponge with water and delicate soap.

The most delicate areas

Chain, gears and sprocket set may be dirtier than the rest of the bike, and you must pay close attention to them when you wash your triathlon bike. If these areas have stubborn dirt residue, you will have to use a specific product or a chain-cleaning accessory. For ordinary cleaning, all you need to do is wipe it down with a towel to remove traces of dirt. We recommend the use of specific degreasers and lubricants that are partially or completely biodegradable. Find out how to choose the best triathlon wheels.

Rinsing and drying

After cleaning each component of your bike with absolute care, finish off by rinsing generously yet delicately. When rinsing, you are eliminating the very last bits of dirt, but you mustn’t be too aggressive as this can ruin the most delicate components. After rinsing your triathlon bike, dry it very carefully with a soft cloth.


When your bike is perfectly dry, you can proceed with the chain lubrication, one of the most important moments of the maintenance of your bike. Of course, we recommend the use of quality products which, with just a few drops of lubricant, guarantee optimal results.

Professional check-up

Once in a while, at least twice a year, it is recommended to take your bike to an expert mechanic for a general check-up on the functioning of each component. Ordinary maintenance is fundamental to keep your bike in tip-top condition so you can cycle worry-free.



We have seen the fundamental steps to always keep your triathlon bike perfectly clean. These are simple procedures and it is very important that they are done continuously. Triathlon is a very challenging discipline, stimulating both the mind and body of the athletes, pushing them to extreme exertion. This is why it’s so important that your vehicle is always perfect and ready to give 100%. With a clean bike, you’ll always be ready for great results, no matter the distance you’ll be covering.

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