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Ursus Miura TS37 Evo Disc wheels and cyclo-cross: here is why the Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite team has chosen them for this season

Cyclo-cross laps are courses which put the racers of the Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite team through a difficult course: sand and mud are combined with hills and valleys and with other obstacles that need to be overcome with agility and speed. For these reasons, they need a bike that is able to facilitate the numerous remounting onto the pedals, this is necessary to ensure the highest level of performance. Here are the wheels which accompany the team during the Italian and international cyclo-cross competitions.

Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite, the most interesting experience of the Italian cyclo-cross.

The collaboration of Ursus and Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite is amongst one of the most successful combinations in the world of Italian cyclo-cross. The legendary Milan-based top team can boast in its list of achievements ten World success successes amongst amateurs, open and professionals in addition to various World Cup races and about another fifty national titles. Furthermore, in the last ten years, the team led by general manager Alessandro Guerciotti has distinguished itself as a true creation forge of talent: under the Stella Guerciotti brand, in fact, champions were formed such as Sanne Cant, Marco Aurelio Fontana, Enrico Franzoi, Alice Maria Arzuffi and Gioele Bertolini. All these great names are united by a single similarity: they succeeded in placing themselves as awesome winners on bicycles equipped with Ursus wheels.


Miura TS37 Evo Disc, the technical choice by Gioele Bertolini for the Cyclo-cross World Championship.

Gioele, engaged this season with the team in the UCI circuit, is preparing to experience the imminent countdown to the 2019 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships in Bogense (Denmark) as the only true hope for the Italian team, at least in regard to the Men’s Elite category.  For “il Bullo” – the nickname for the cyclist from Valtellina – Ursus has designed a personalized edition of the Miura TS37 Evo Disc carbon wheels: in view of the most important challenge of the year, Bertolini has chosen this robust set of carbon wheels for cyclo-cross, with a medium-high profile (37 mm), the same model in use by all cyclists of the Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite team during the current season. (Would you like to find out the best setup for cyclo-cross wheels according to the team technicians? Don’t miss this article!)



Gioele, what do you think of your Miura TS37 Evo Disc carbon wheels?

“The special characteristics of the Ursus Miura TS37 Evo Disc wheels make them an ideal product for the practice of cyclo-cross. Personally, I have been using them for several years: I did get to know Ursus at the beginning of my sporting career with the Selle Guerciotti Elite team and I immediately appreciated the competitiveness and strength of their carbon wheels for cyclo-cross.” – Bertolini tells us.


This model in particular – continues Gioele – has been constantly improved on from a technical level. Year after year, I have been able to rediscover sensations of the highest quality in stiffness and overall grip when cornering. Presently, the Miura TS37 Evo Disc is a wheel that is very easy to remount and that provides excellent performance approaching a curve when it’s time to “jump in” (as we cross-cyclists say).  A serious merit of the stiffness of the carbon used to produce the rims that fits perfectly with my Guerciotti CX, the team’s official bike.”




Beside stiffness, what other technical features help you choose these carbon wheels for cyclo-cross?

“For several years now, wheels specifically designed for cyclo-cross have a medium profile height: I must say that the 37 mm model is a size that allows me to not get completely stuck in the mud. This certainly is an important technical point as, in fact, with a lower profile I would be forced to continuously cut through the mud, experiencing excess fatigue and loosing crucial seconds from my opponents. At the same time, I appreciate the nice mix that Ursus technicians have managed to find between stiffness and absorption of the shock from the terrain, essential for us cyclo-cross racers. The use of the thru-axle hub, finally, has the wheel performing at its very best when exiting a turn so that all your legs’ power is not dispersed but is rather discharged to the ground and transformed into overall extra speed.”






Carbon wheels for cyclo-cross: Gioele Bertolini chooses Ursus Miura TS37 Evo Disc to play his best cards at the Bogense World Championship. This model is highly-tested and recommended by the best Italian cyclo-cross cyclists. Would you like to find out more about this set of wheels?  Go to our online Shop!


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