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Wheels for racing bikes: tubular vs clincher / tubeless

When it comes to tires, we need to distinguish between two different types: a cyclist’s preference between tubular and clincher also has an influence..

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The running-in of wheels for racing bikes and MTB: why it is important and how to do it

Have you just bought a new pair of wheels for racing bikes or MTB? Are you thinking of buying it in the coming months? Remember that once mounted on..

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Why improve the performance of your racing bike

It may sound like a trivial question, but have you ever thought like that? The most experienced cyclists never stop improving their bike. Beyond..

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The best carbon wheels for racing bikes

Are you sure you know what makes a wheel a quality product or when you buy a new pair of wheels you choose only according to the brand? Lightness, for..

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What are the most important components for a racing bike?

Do you really know your racing bike? Have you ever heard that wheels are one of the components that affect your performance? We discovered how the..

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How is a racing bike wheel made?

Knowing in detail how a racing bike wheel is made can help you understand if your bike's standard wheels are a the right product for you or if you can..

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