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Dedicated to gravel aficionados and bikers who enjoy group outings on racing bikes, Orion Disc will amaze you with its comfort and versatility. Let’s take a look at this new offer by Ursus.

This newcomer at Ursus is destined to give thrilling rides: we are talking about an aluminium rim for disc brakes with absolutely hybrid performances. Orion Disc is, as a matter of fact, a product within the reach of any cyclist, a concrete possibility to become a new Ursus Gladiator.


These wheels run fast and smoothly on asphalt, but they also perform well on unpaved roads and mixed routes, the favourites of gravel enthusiasts. Off-road enthusiasts will also appreciate the compatibility with Campagnolo's Ekar group, the new gravel bike standard. Does the road stop and turn into a beaten path? With Orion there are no more barriers, and the fun can continue.


What makes it so versatile? Its generous internal width is designed to give the bike stability, while the ultra-resistant 25 mm rim is perfect to absorb the small bumps and vibrations typical of a surface that is not perfectly smooth. This means that the bike is easier to control, for example on bumpy asphalt or on gravel. The riding comfort is superior, also thanks to the option to install a wide range of tires (tubeless-ready or clinchers between 26 and 46 mm). The right rigidity, necessary for intense bursts of energy, is ensured by the asymmetrical shape designed to optimize the rim tension by balancing the forces that come from the brakes and sprocket cassette.

These features also make Orion ideal as a technical choice for intensive training and endurance outings with friends. No doubt on reliability: even on this model you will have all the Italian quality of the new Ursus RD30 hubs for disc brakes, tested and certified by our pro-team cyclists after hundreds of hours of training sessions. The solid aluminium hub with flanges that accommodates 24 Sapim J-bend spokes shares with its big brother RD50 exceptional performance in terms of grip and top smoothness. Do you want to learn more about the new Ursus hubs? Read this article.


We have seen how the Orion Disc wheelset can be defined as an all-rounder, dedicated to those who are approaching the world of sport cycling or to those who face cycling situations that are not always constant. We have developed these wheels thinking about the needs of those who do not own a pair of Ursus wheels yet, creating (in our opinion) the right product to start pedalling together.



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