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Tour de France, the voice of the protagonists: video interview with Niccolò Bonifazio and Lilian Calmejane

The start date of the Tour de France is approaching, but how are racers experiencing the anticipation for this great tour? We talked about it with Bonifazio and Calmejane of the Total Direct Energie pro cycling team.

A sprinter and a climber, a killer and a fighter: the spearheads which the Total Direct Energie pro cycling team will rely on, for a chance to win a stage in the next Tour de France, look forward to hopping on their bikes in what promises to be a high-adrenaline event.



He already has two victories to his credit this season, earned before lockdown, but he is certainly not satisfied yet. For Niccolò Bonifazio, the real season begins now – and he dreams of conquering the top of the podium in the next Tour, too. There will be plenty of opportunities for him, especially in the first part of the event, with stages made for sprinters like him, which he will take on with his Miura TS47 evo disc. Here is what he had to say in the video below.




He has already won a stage of the Tour. Lilian Calmejane is the showman, known in French as a "baroudeur", meaning "fighter", "adventurer". He will have to have patience and wait for the right moment, which may arrive in the middle of the Tour, when the great mountains appear on the horizon. We expect him to attack from afar, and a few legendary moments. Here’s how the 26-year-old Frenchman has prepared for this great tour.






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