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What are the most important components for a racing bike?

Do you really know your racing bike? Have you ever heard that wheels are one of the components that affect your performance? We discovered how the wheels affect the performance and we have analyzed the other components which each cyclist should pay attention to before getting on the saddle.

The bike system, a matter of balance

A racing bike is an historic machine, but a technically remarkable one. Today, the advanced technology, combined with the mastery of builders, delivers bicycles more mechanically perfect which helps with enhancing performance. The secret of this wonder is the balance between the various components that are at the base of the mechanism which enables us to transfer the strength of our legs on the tarmac.

This balance is made possible in particular by the components responsible for ensuring effective transmission, i.e. gearbox and wheels. The other fundamental component for the safety of the cyclist is the braking system, which must obviously be reactive and effective.


Transferring energy to the tarmac: this is where importance of choosing a pair of high performance wheels is key.

It can be said that the wheel system is the most important factor between the strength of the legs of a cyclist and the tarmac. This means that if the wheel is not set to perfection it will limit the quality of your performance.

This reason is enough in itself to make you understand how important it is to choose the best wheels for racing bikes. If it wasn’t so, little would serve having a light frame, perfectly calibrated on the measurements of your body, as well as having a great gearbox.

But what is the component that guarantees the perfect smoothness of your wheels?

At Ursus, we know that the quality is the hubs. The hub is responsible for the correct rotation of the wheels for racing bikes: it must be built to minimize the friction between the parts that compose it, that is, hub body, central axle, bearings and plugs.


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The whole operation of your bike depends on the quality of the hub. Have you ever thought about it?

This is the main reason why we always recommend choosing your hubs with care, not relying only on word of mouth. Such an important component is definitely validated before the choice of a new pair of wheels.


Want to better understand what criteria to use to choose a new pair of wheels for the racing bike? Read this article. link

What other components interact with the wheels of your racing bike?

1) Transmission Unit

The quality of the wheels needs to be triggered by the transmission unit, consisting of crank set, sprocket pack, chain, rear derailleur, front derailleur and gearbox controls (which can be mechanical or electronic). Normally in modern racing bikes, the components of the group are produced by the same company. The most popular manufacturers are today Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM.

When you choose a new pair of wheels, one important thing to do is to make sure there is a compatibility with the rear wheel and the brand of the groupset which you have chosen.

For example, the Ursus wheels are available with Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM compatibility. We recommend that you check their compatibility with your bike before purchasing. In our online shop link you will be prompted to select the compatibility of the rear wheel before proceeding to the purchase of your new wheel pair.


2) Braking system

The braking system is obviously a fundamental part of the bicycle, because it is the one that guarantees your safety more than any other. Today, the types of racing bike brakes are mainly two: the classic cantilever brakes (or their V-Brakes evolution) and the modern disc brakes. 

What is the difference between these two systems? The cantilever brakes "pliers" with the brake pads on the rim braking track, which can be carbon or aluminium. In general, the braking on the carbon track is considered more delicate especially in the wet, because the layer of water that accumulates on the carbon could make its surface slippery.

To fix this problem, and to prevent the braking track from being compromised by a faulty rubbing, Ursus recommends that only the brake pads model declared in the instruction manual can be used on your wheels. The alternative to the cantilever brake is the disc brake: With this automobile-derived system, braking takes place directly on the hub, to which the disc is applied.

For this reason, there are hubs dedicated to the bike with disc brakes. In this case, the braking track is not stressed and the braking is actuated immediate even if the rim is dirty or wet. The disc brake can be in turn controlled by cable or hydraulics. Disc brakes are a bit more complex to handle because of their remarkable braking power, but when used in the right way they represent an innovation that can certainly bring more safety to the roads.

Find out all Ursus wheels for disc brake here.


What are the most important components for a racing bike?

We have seen that the system of transmission of the bike is what affects your performance on the road the most. The wheels are part of this system, so you should choose them carefully after you are assured of their quality. The hubs in particular are the mechanical heart of the wheels for racing bikes and are directly responsible for their smoothness. Then there is the braking system, which can be classic or with disc brakes.

Choosing these components with awareness is the first step towards a positive cycling experience.

Interested in improving the performance of your racing bike? Find out how to do this!


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