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Gravel bike tires: beyond asphalt

Cycling is freedom: so why should you limit yourself to asphalt roads?
Ursus Gravel wheels are here to change the way you pedal.
At last, enjoy an across-the-board riding experience: the carbon wheels with an internal diameter of 28 mm are available in the simple tubeless / clincher version and in the new tube version, for unparalleled performance.
Which one will you pick?

Ursus Gravel Collection



The most versatile Ursus wheel: you have the freedom to mount a clincher as well as tubeless tires. Ideal for the best Gravel biking experience: reliable and incredibly efficient.

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This season’s latest product: carbon rims for tube tires with a diameter of 28 mm.
You won’t lose a watt while perfectly adhering to the terrain.

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Ursus is a historic Italian producer of industrial mechanical components.

Thanks to its philosophy, characterized by openness to innovation and constant pursuit of excellence, Ursus has been a leader in the production of cycling wheels and components for bicycles since 1967.