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Wheels for Cyclocross bikes:
challenge the masters on mud!

When the going gets tough, crossers start pedalling. Are you ready to join them?
Ursus Cyclocross wheels can easily take on muddy roads, thanks to their 37 mm profile for disc brakes.
You can choose the traditional version for 24 mm tubulars, or pick the new oversize rims with a 28 mm internal profile, which gives unprecedented stability. Have fun with our cyclocross products!

Ursus Cyclocross Collection



A recommended and super-tested model by the best Italian crossers in terms of performance and reliability.

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This season’s latest product: carbon rims for tube tires with a diameter of 28 mm. You won’t lose a watt while perfectly adhering to the terrain.

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Ursus is a historic Italian producer of industrial mechanical components.

Thanks to its philosophy, characterized by openness to innovation and constant pursuit of excellence, Ursus has been a leader in the production of cycling wheels and components for bicycles since 1967.